Project meeting paving the way for the next months

During a two-day project meeting at NPL, UK in January 2019, the project consortium made a number of important decisions that pave the way for the next steps in the project.

Although this project meeting was focused on the progress in work package 2 ("Mathematics"), the close interconnection of the tasks in this project required a full project meeting. 

Here are some highlights from the meeting:

  • PTB presented the progress in setting up a versatile GitHub repository for the project. This set-up will allow to combine the different contributions from the partners whilst maintaining their flexibility.
  • PTB also presented the current status of the smart-up unit. This is an add-on module for MEMS sensors to enable traceable time stamps and initial pre-processing. Using a custom driver, the module will communicate via OPC-UA to a computer for further data processing. 
  • It has been decided that the smart-up unit will be used to integrate MEMS sensors into the project's testbeds.
  • Focus of the data analysis and modeling work in this project will be to demonstrate the benefits of having traceable measurements in a sensor network.
  • In order to guarantee the practical up-take of the mathematical models and methods to be developed in the project, data from the testbeds will also be artificially disturbed. The reason is that the testbeds are built such that rather ideal measurement conditions are found.
  • An agent-based framework will be used to incorporate the different mathematical developments within this project. PTB and UCAM started work on a first simulation set-up for this framework.

With these decisions and activities, the project will be able to reach a couple of milestones in the coming months.