Virtual Stakeholder Workshop 15th July 2020

The project team will present recent advances and results in sensor network metrology and the calibration of digital sensors.

The European research project "Metrology for the factory of the future" (Met4FoF) is aiming to develop a calibration framework for digital dynamic sensors and a mathematical framework for sensor network metrology. For instance, project members have developed novel calibration facilities for digital-only accelerometers or an innovative one-touch batch calibration of MEMS temperature sensors. The newly developed smart-up unit is a prototype for what could become "smart traceability" in the near future. The mathematical framework contains a comprehensive toolset of methods required in sensor network metrology. Together with the novel agentMet4FoF multi-agent system it enables the integration of uncertainty evaluation in the data lifecycle of sensor networks.

To present the preliminary results from the project and to provide a preview of what to expect from the project in the remaining months, we are holding a virtual stakeholder workshop. The workshop will take place on 15th July in the morning (9-13 am CEST). 

Here is what to expect from that workshop:

  • Dynamic calibration of digital output sensors - concepts and implementation
  • Provision of Measurement Traceability to ATE Testing and Calibration Systems for MEMS Temperature Sensors
  • Bayesian approaches to account for sensor network effects and for sensor fusion
  • Uncertainty-aware data analysis in sensor networks
  • Radial forging: example of an industrial sensor network for process control

To register for that workshop, email us using the contact form.