COVID-19 related project plan changes and outlook

Like many things, the pandemic has also affected work in this project. However, this crisis also showed that dynamic transformation of industry and society is more important than ever.

Many project partners couldn't access their laboratories to continue their experiments. Joint visits of project partners' facilities had to be postponed. Thus, some of the project outputs expected for mid 2020 have to be postponed to later this year or early next year.

Overall, we are still working towards our project aims to establish metrological principles in the factory of the future. Several of the mathematical results and developments have been presented at the workshop "IEEE 2020 INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON METROLOGY FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 & IOT" that took place as a virtual event. Furthermore, development of the digital calibration concepts is making good progress. In early July the smart-up unit, developed in WP1 as a demonstrator for Smart Traceability, will be implemented into the project testbed at ZeMA. Later this year, the same will happen for the project testbed at STRATH. As a result, new data sets with MEMS sensors for acceleration and temperature, calibrated by the project partners at PTB, INRIM and SPEA will be made available from these testbeds. 

The project partners in WP2 are currently working on the implementation of their newly developed mathematical models and methods into the multi-agent system. In this way, a comprehensive toolbox for flexible data analysis pipelines in industrial sensor networks will become available. In summer 2020 several webinars are planned to introduce the data sets, their analysis and the multi-agent system framework.

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