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Metrology for the Factory of the Future

17IND12 Met4FoF

This project is a joint research project within the European Metrology Research Programme EMPIR. The major goals and objectives of the project are given in the downloadable Publishable Summary. A brief outline is given below.

In order to get in contact for more details, email the Coordinator.

Latest News


The GFM SKK10/R radial forge will be used as the AFRC testbed. The machine is a reinforced version of the standard SKK10 and can forge parts with max starting diameter of 125mm down to 25mm on a wide range of different materials. Max forging force is 150tons. Parts can be forged from room temperature up to 1200 deg C.

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Project outline

The “Factory of the Future” (FoF) as an inter-connected production environment with an autonomous flow of information and decision-making constitutes the digital transformation of manufacturing to improve efficiency and competitiveness. Transparency, comparability and sustainable quality all require reliable measured data, processing methods and results. This project will establish a metrological framework for the complete lifecycle of measured data in industrial applications: from calibration capabilities for individual sensors with digital pre-processed output to uncertainty quantification associated with machine learning (ML) in industrial sensor networks. Implementation in realistic testbeds will demonstrate the practical applicability and provide templates for future up-take by industry.

Project structure