An interferometer on grand tour – Part 2

PTB Division 5 News, 11/2022

EMPIR geodesy project video describes work to aid climate change understanding

EURAMET News, 08/2022

EMPIR project corrects standard formula for group refractive index of air

EURAMET News, 10/2021

Looking for the perfect match

PTB News, 02/2021.

Fibre-based spatial superposition of spectrally vastly separated beams

PTB Divison 5 News, 01/2021.

Referenzpunkte für Laserteleskope einfach(er) bestimmen

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Press release in IDW-Informationsdienst Wissenschaft, 12/2020.

EMPIR geodesy project sees early uptake of new procedure

EURAMET News, 10/2020.

Where on Earth Am I Right Now?

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, International Newsletter, 01/2020, page 5.

Length metrology for satellite geodesy

PTB Division 5 News, 12/2019.