The Manufacturing Metrology Team (MMT) at the University of Nottingham is a research group carrying out fundamental research to enable the next-generation of offline and online metrology tools for advanced manufacturing methods, including precision, additive and high dynamic range manufacturing.

One of the main research themes within the MMT surrounds surface metrology, and we have significant expertise in the comparison of acquisition, analysis and comparison of data obtained using surface measurement technologies. Our recent works have entailed the development of a method to investigate the performance and behaviour of areal topography measuring instruments, based on relocation of repeated measurements of the same region (in repeatability or reproducibility conditions), and generation of statistical models of topography, capturing central tendency and dispersion of local height values. Through the comparison of statistical models obtained from multiple instruments and/or setups, we can also capture local discrepancy and agreement between datasets.

The MMT operates a state of the art surface measurement laboratory. The laboratory is temperature controlled (20 ± 0.5 °C), humidity controlled (50 ± 10 % RH) and is vibration isolated from the surrounding building. Within the laboratory, we operate the following technologies for areal topography measurement: focus variation microscope, coherence scanning microscope, confocal microscope, point autofocus, contact stylus, atomic force microscope and X-ray computed tomography. The MMT additionally has interest in the measurement of 3D form and shape, and so also operates the following technologies for this purpose: photogrammetry, fringe projection, contact coordinate measuring machines. We also have operate vibrometry measurement technology, as well as displacement and angle interferometry.

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