The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is a leading Institut of innovation - research and technology which has ensured the translation of the latest knowledge and technology into real value for Danish businesses during the last 100 years. DTI supports Danish industry by providing technical assistance in the form of teaching, advice, testing and technological research. The Metrology and Quality Assurance center is a DTI designated center within the area of length, focuses on 3D dimensional metrology. It is a leading technological service partner for companies and laboratories requiring precision measurements. The well-equipped laboratories utilize the latest advances in calibration and measurement technology (including CT scanning), to meet the highest standards required. The advanced laboratory facilities enable the competent staff to ensure that any uncertainty in the measurement is appropriate for the company’s needs. Consequently, the Metrology and Quality Assurance center is the natural partner for companies which are required to meet strict metrological standards. There is a lot of experience with using CT, both for measurements and color mapping, as well as for material characterization. DTI has close contact to end users of CT in Danish Industry and will work in the project with companies on demonstrations/cases to make sure that results and activities have an impact for end users of CT.