Work Packages

The work is organised into six workpackages (WP) focusing on the different topics of this JRP:

WP1 aims to design and build a quantum voltage digitiser. Delta sigma electronics, a pulse generation system and a feedback loop will be developed.


WP2 is dedicated to the development of the quantum part for the quantum voltage digitiser and to optimise its output connections. The tasks include the development of pulse-driven Josephson arrays capable for operation with photodiodes and comprises impedance matching for the output connections and a feasibility study for a compact cryocooler.


WP3 aims to scale high voltage levels to the voltage of the quantum waveforms generated in WP1 and WP2 to directly compare them in real-time, such as to determine power quality parameters.


WP4 aims to validate developments of the other work packages and to develop a user-friendly interface which allows easy and correct calculating measurement results.


WP5 is designed to maximise the impact of the JRP.


WP6 describes the management of the JRP.


The different workpackages are strongly coupled among themselves. The developments partly build on each other. The figure summarises the technical structure of the JRP.