MagNaStand - Project overview

Magnetic nanoparticles (MNP) find wide biomedical and technical applications however there are currently no existing standards for characterising this material class. This project will expand and summarise the metrological knowledge on the measurement and characterisation of MNP and bring it into the current development of ISO 19807-1 “Nanotechnologies — Magnetic nanomaterials — Part 1: Specification of characteristics and measurements for magnetic nanosuspensions” by ISO/TC229 WG4. This will involve a close collaboration with national and international standardisation organisations, interaction with the involved European industry, and the uptake of results of about 90 previous EU research projects including “NanoMag” and “RADIOMAG”. In addition to the finalisation of ISO 19807-1, a roadmap for further measurement standards for magnetic nanoparticles will be developed.