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Quantum photonics with pulsed light and integrated optics

Kolloquium der Abteilung 4

Over the last decades, multi-dimensional photonic systems, which comprise multiple optical modes, have been investigated intensively in various theoretical proposals for quantum technology applications. These include topics from quantum metrology, quantum communication as well as quantum simulations. However, the implementation of practical quantum systems requires reliable setups of high complexity, which poses a considerable challenge on the experimental side. Hence the successful realization of controlled quantum network structures is key for many applications in quantum optics and quantum information science.

Here we present two different approaches to overcome current limitations for the experimental implementation of multi-dimensional quantum networks, and discuss their practical applicability for the development of a future quantum technology. In particular we present our recent progress in the area of nonlinear quantum optical devices based on χ(2) –materials, and quantum networks using efficient time-multiplexing, in particular for photon counting applications.