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An invitation from a semiconductor physicist: Bridging semiconductor photonics and quantum optics - Der Vortrag wird verschoben - neuer Termin folgt

Kolloquium der Abteilung 4

Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) based on III-V materials were discovered in year 1993. They are expected to bring a paradigm shift to the researches on quantum communication, computation and metrology with photons. 24 years has passed and there were tremendous efforts from the community. However, the QD based sources are to date still not available to a broader community (e.g. the quantum optics community). A number of critical challenges need to be solved before we can bridge the gap between different communities.

Luckily, there have been significant progresses in the last few years. Here I invite you to this talk and discussion. I will firstly review our recent efforts towards the development of a near-ideal entangled photon source based on semiconductors. Then, the talk will be concluded with a glimpse of the possible applications of semiconductor photonics in advanced quantum optics studies (e.g. in quantum metrology). Most importantly, the main goal of this talk is to engage you in a discussion on how the synergy of two communities leads to more visible researches in the coming quantum flagship.



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