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Indo-German International Conference on Metrology for the Deployment of Green Hydrogen and Renewable Fuels in India

The planned consortium aims to pave the path for developing quality infrastructure services - particularly in metrology, process safety, and standardization - needed for the safe, efficient, and sustainable development of the green hydrogen sector in India. Additionally, the project shall investigate the potential of extending PTB's engagement in the green hydrogen sector in the future. Such extension may also involve additional quality infrastructure components, i.e., accreditation, testing, certification, and inspection. In this context, synergies will be explored with currently implemented projects in India, particularly photovoltaics in the solar sector. 

The conference is aimed in bringing together experts, researchers, industrial stakeholders towards facilitating safety standards, process optimization, advanced measurement techniques for energy content, gas quality, legal metrology, hydrogen production and utilization. Besides hydrogen, we will have several sessions on alternative energy carriers such as biogas, biofuels, synthetic and electro fuels, and smart energy materials, where the crucial role of interdisciplinary research and technology will be discussed.

More details can be found on the conference website.
Opens external link in new windowhttps://www.imeko-gh2fuels.ptb.de/