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EXSA2021 - Virtual Conference in X-ray Spectrometry

EXSA in cooperation with PTB is organizing a Virtual Conference in X-ray Spectrometry June 21-24 this year. This online event is in-line with the now well-established series of workshops EXSA initiated in 2017.

This digital conference aims at bringing together experts and younger scientists from academia and industry to present and discuss recent advances, research results, and perspectives in the following fields:


  • XRS in environmental applications
  • XRS for novel materials including batteries, nanostructures, etc.
  • Instrumental developments in XRS and its applications
  • Fundamental parameters

We are happy that we could convince distinguished scientists (please refer to www.exsa.hu/conf2021) to give invited talks at the conference.

This event will give a forum to interact within the community. It will allow for discussion between academic and industrial scientists and is, therefore, an excellent platform for networking and knowledge exchange. The event will conclude with a session on fundamental parameters and the meeting of the fundamental parameter initiative