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EOS Topical Meeting on Frontiers in Optical Metrology
im Rahmen der biennalen Konferenz EOSAM2020

EOSAM is an international conference covering a broad spectrum of photonic techniques, through the joint celebration of different Topical Meetings (TOMs) that will attract specialists from all over the world to discuss the last advances in optical fabrication, lasers, optical metrology, optical communications, nanophotonics, biophotonics, optical sensors, etc.. Several topical meetings (TOMs) are planned in parallel (Opens external link in new windowhttps://www.europeanoptics.org/pages/events/eosam2020/toms/)

The Topical Meeting 6 Frontiers in Optical Metrology is designed as a forum for application-oriented basic and applied optical metrology techniques. This includes basic methods, fundamental limits, measurement techniques and their applications, foundations of applied metrology as well as future trends and topics. As optical metrology methods are generally non-contact, non-destructive, fast, reliable, have a high precision and can sometimes even be used in a rugged environment, they lend themselves very much to industrial applications such as process development, in line processing and quality control.

However, since industrial demands  are sometimes very specific and increasingly challenging, there is a continuous requirement for more ruggedness, higher resolution, faster measurement and evaluation to name only a few constraints. This situation not only calls for evolutionary improvement, but also asks for new ideas or even new paradigms. However, besides developing new methods and paradigms, also rigorous modelling and simulations deserve due attention, especially in the emerging fields of computational metrology. Finally, an assessment on the absolute performance in terms of resolution and measurement uncertainty stresses the role of traceability to internationally recognized primary metrology standards. These, in turn, translate into calibration efforts to obtain metrically valid and consistent results.

EOSAM is an excellent opportunity not only to focus on the frontiers of optical metrology, but also to interact with many international experts on neighbouring topics, such as Optical System Design, Biophotonics, Metamaterials or Diffractive Optics.

Registration for attending the conference is completely free and open till the end of the conference. Registration includes access to the conference proceedings, and online presentations. While the EOSAM plenary talks are live online-presentations, the sessions are pre-recorded, on-demand sessions, available for viewing during 7-11 September (until closing words on Friday 11 September. Attendees can ask questions from the authors via a text chat, and the authors will respond during the week. 

Meeting-Link: Opens external link in new windowhttps://www.europeanoptics.org/pages/events/eosam2020/toms/tom6.html