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International Conference on Measurements of Energy

On behalf of IMEKO TC20 and Helmholtz Fonds e.V., we invite you to our International Conference on Measurements of Energy. One can expect topics from solar & wind energy, metal energy carriers, dynamic metrology, sustainable aviation, thermochemical conversion, carbon capture utilization and sequestration, etc., to be covered in the conference.

The WIMER event is back! We are planning an in-person event for the first time, and we have planned a panel discussion on the topic “The Future of Metrology and Energy Research: Women Pioneers and Innovators”. This would be another great opportunity for women working in metrology & energy research to participate in the event and network with the community.

Check out our list of speakers and panelist for the conference.



The technical part of the conference and the WIMER session is free for all PTB employees (subjected to availability of seats in the conference room). 

Live Stream: Opens external link in new windowhttps://tv.ptb.de/IMEKO-TC20

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