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Workshop on Metrology for nanowire energy harvesting devices

Energy harvesting from renewable sources (solar, heat and movement) is a prominent solution to create small amounts of electrical energy in areas of difficult access, and energy harvesting devices have much potential to address our world energy problems. Nanowire (NW) based energy harvesting systems have achieved encouraging progress, but due to nanometre dimensions of the wires and large size up to m2 of the devices, they also bring challenges for testing and characterisation. Average properties of energy harvesting devices can be measured, but a quantitative link and correlation between the performance of single NWs and that of the overall device is lacking. This project aims to develop reliable and high throughput metrology for the quality control of NW energy harvesting systems.

- Welcome and introduction, U. Brand (PTB)

- High throughput nanodimensional characterisation of NWs, R. Koops (VSL)

- High throughput reliable nanoelectrical characterisation of NW solar cells, F. Piquemal (LNE)

- High throughput nanoelectrical measurement methods, Z. Li (PTB)

- Fast areal thermal imaging of NWs, P. Klapatek (CMI)

- NanoWires fabrication and characterisation, N. Gogneau (C2N-CNRS)

- Innovative AFM probes for charaterisation of nanostructured materials, C Schwalb (GETec Microscopy Gmb)

- Conductive AFM for nanoelectrical measurement of NWs, D. Pellerin (Scientec/CSInstruments)

- High-speed piezoresistive microprobes for nanodimensional and nanomechanical measurement of NWs, E. Peiner (TUBS)

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