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Vorhersage des biologischen Effekts verschiedener Strahlenarten auf Zellen und Gewebe

Kolloquium der Abteilung 6

Reliable predictions and a mechanistic understanding of radiation damage induction and processing are of great importance for estimating risks and benefits of radiation, e.g. in cancer therapy or in radiation protection. Biophysical models serve as a tool to quantify such damage based on the physical characterization of the radiation. In the talk the concept of amorphous track structure for predictive modelling is discussed. Within the framework of the Local Effect Model the radiation action of high LET charged particle radiation can be understood. Related concepts allow the quantification of the enhanced effectiveness of ultrasoft X rays as compared to orthovoltage X rays. A general relevance of different spatial scales for radiation damage is discussed theoretically and at hand of experimental data. From that, necessary concepts and properties of effect predicting models  are proposed.