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Direct-write nano-fabrication with focused electron beams — principles and applications

Kolloquium der Abteilung 2

Michael Huth

Over its rather long history, focused electron beam induced deposition (FEBID) has mostly

been used as an auxiliary process in passivating surfaces in sample preparation for

transmission electron microscopy. This has changed over the last one and a half

decades. On the one hand, FEBID has been established as the leading technical

approach to lithography mask repair on the industrial scale. On the other hand, FEBIDrelated

technical and methodological developments, FEBID-derived materials, and

FEBID-based device fabrication have had a significant impact in various areas of basic

and applied research, such as nanomagnetism and superconductivity, plasmonics, and

sensing. Despite this dynamic development, the FEBID user base does still form a rather

exclusive club of enthusiasts. In this talk, my aim is to provide insight into the basics of

FEBID and its potential for a selection of areas, in particular single electron effects,

nanomagnetism and superconductivity.