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Implementing Automated Quality Assurance in software intense risk calculations using CI/CD

PTB Kolloquium

In the northern part of the Netherlands one of world's largest gas fields is operated (original capacity of 2800 BCM at its discovery in 1960, now about 25% is left). Since 2012 this field causes induced seismicity that is linked to this production and damages the build environment. To quantify the public risk that is associated with the gas production, the operator, state supervision and ministry make yearly risk estimations (Hazard and Risk Assessment). These calculations are made up of a complex chain of models which are constantly being improved and modified according to the latest insights. TNO has a technical - and advisory role in performing these calculations and provides input for policy makers. As policy is based on these type of calculations, Quality Assurance and traceability is of essential importance. Can we reproduce the calculations of two years ago with the software - and data versions that have been used at that time? TNO used modern CI/CD techniques to implement automated quality assurance and build a traceability mechanism to make transparent how calculations are performed and to be able to reproduce the results.