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Sensing using quantum OCT with AI (SEQUOIA)


Start date: 2022-11-01
Project duration: 3 years

The overall SEQUOIA objective is to demonstrate the highest resolution OCT system ever built, protected from environmental noise through AI-based control of orbital angular momentum in a real-world application: retinal imaging.

Improved resolution based on the quantum technologies used in SEQUOIA will lead to better ophtalmologic diagnostic tools.

At PTB Dr. Erik Benkler and Dr. Uwe Sterr are involved in the project

The project is coordinated by NKT Photonics, Denmark

Project partners include an interdisciplinary consortium covering all aspects from theory, laser development and characterization, data evaluation by means of AI to application in biological samples: 1 NMI, 5 Universities, 4 Companies, 1 NPO (nonprofit organization)

For more information visit this website:
Opens external link in new windowhttps://sequoia-project.eu/


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