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Multidimensional Reflectometry for Industry

09/2013- 08/2016


  • European Metrology Research Programme (Opens external link in new windowEMRP)

The proposed JRP will provide validated and reliable optical measurements and methods with traceability to the SI-system wherever it is practicable to do so for the range of multidimensional reflection measurements. The general objective is to meet the demands from industry to describe the overall macroscopic appearances of modern surfaces by developing and improving methods for their measurement which rightly correlates with the visual sensation. In specific, the project deals with the Goniochromatism, Gloss and Fluorescence properties of dedicated artefacts, which will be investigated in the three main vertical workpackages. The horizontal workpackages address these subjects to the Modelling and Data Analysis and the Human Visual Perception, in order to give an irreducible set of calibration schemes and handling methods.


  • 10  Europäische Nationale Metrologieinstitute und Forschungseinrichtungen


M. Langovoy, F. Schmähling, G. Wübbeler:  Numerical comparison of sampling strategies for BRDF data manifolds, Measurement, 94(Supplement C), 578--584, (2016). Opens external link in new windowhttp://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.measurement.2016.08.010

G. Wübbeler, J. Campos Acosta, C. Elster: Evaluation of uncertainties for CIELAB color coordinates, Color Research & Application, 42(5), 564--570, (2017), Opens external link in new windowhttp://dx.doi.org/10.1002/col.22109

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