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Milavec M, Pavšič J, Bogožalec Košir A, Jones GM, O’Sullivan DM, Devonshire AS, Van Heuverswyn F, Karczmarczyk M, Neeb J, Plauth A, Corbisier P, Schimmel H, Kummrow A, Neukammer J, Foy CA, Kammel M, Grunert HP, Zeichhardt H, Huggett JF.
The performance of human cytomegalovirus digital PCR reference measurement procedure in seven external quality assessment schemes over four years
Opens external link in new windowMethods 201 (2022) 65-73

Falak S, Macdonald R, Busby EJ, O’Sullivan DM, Milavec M, Plauth A, Kammel M, Zeichhardt H, Grunert HP, Kummrow A, Huggett JF.
An assessment of the reproducibility of reverse transcription digital PCR quantification of HIV-1
Opens external link in new windowMethods 201 (2022) 34-40

Mitschang L, Korchak S, Kilian W, Riemer T.
Comprehensive Quantitative and Calibration-Free Evaluation of Hyperpolarized Xenon–Host Interaction by Multiparametric NMR
Opens external link in new windowAnal. Chem. 94 (2022) 2561–2568

Vierbaum L, Wojtalewicz N, Grunert H-P, Lindig V, Duehring U, Drosten C, Corman V, Niemeyer D, Ciesek S, Rabenau HF, Berger A, Obermeier M, Nitsche A, Michel J, Mielke M, Huggett J, O’Sullivan D, Busby E, Cowen S, Vallone PM, Cleveland MH, Falak S, Kummrow A, Keller T, Schellenberg I, Zeichhardt H, Kammel M.
RNA reference materials with defined viral RNA loads of SARS-CoV-2 — A useful tool towards a better PCR assay harmonization
Opens external link in new windowPLoS ONE 2022 17(1):e0262656

Smuda K, Gienger J, Hönicke P, Neukammer J.
Function of Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carriers: Determination of Methemoglobin Content by Spectral Extinction Measurements
Opens external link in new windowInt. J. Mol. Sci. 22 (2021) 1753

Faruqui N, Kummrow A, Fu B, Divieto C, Rojas F, Kisulu F, Cavalcante JJV, Wang J, Campbell J, Martins JL, Choi J-H, Sassi MP, Zucco M, Vonsky M, Vessillier S, Zou S, Fujii S-I, Ryadnov MG.
Cellular Metrology: Scoping for a Value Proposition in Extra- and Intracellular Measurements
Opens external link in new windowFront. Bioeng. Biotechnol. 7 (2020) 456

Saraiva L, Wang L, Kammel M, Kummrow A, Atkinson E, Lee JY, Yalcinkaya B, Akgöz M, Höckner J, Ruf A, Engel A, Zhang YZ, O’Shea O, Sassi MP, Divieto C, Lekishvili T, Campbell J, Liu Y, Wang J, Stebbings R, Gaigalas AK, Rigsby P, Neukammer J, Vessillier S.
Comparison of Volumetric and Bead-Based Counting of CD34 Cells by Single-Platform Flow Cytometry
Opens external link in new windowCytometry B 96B (2019) 508-513.

Hussels M, Engel S, Bock N.
Investigation of direct counting and sizing of DNA fragments in flow applying an improved data analysis and correction method
Opens external link in new windowBiomol. Detect. Quantif. 17 (2019) 100083.

Frank C, Brauckmann C, Palos M, Arsene CG, Neukammer J, del Castillo Busto ME, Zakel S, Swart C, Güttler B, Stosch R.
Comparison of potential higher order reference methods for total haemoglobin quantification - an interlaboratory study
Opens external link in new windowAnal. Bioanal. Chem. 409 (2017) 2341-2351, 4479.

Gienger J, Groß H, Neukammer J, Bär M.
Determining the refractive index of human hemoglobin solutions by Kramers–Kronig relations with an improved absorption model
Opens external link in new windowApplied Optics 31 (2016) 8951-8961.

Simon P, Frankowski M, Bock N, Neukammer J.
Label-free whole blood cell differentiation based on multiple frequency AC impedance and light scattering analysis in a micro flow cytometer
Opens external link in new windowLab Chip 16 (2016) 2326-2338.

Neukammer J, Kammel M, Höckner, J, Kummrow A, Ruf A.
Reference Procedure for the Measurement of Stem Cell Concentrations in Apheresis Products
Opens external link in new windowPTB-Mitteilungen 125 No2  (2015) 70-73,  English translation of the original version:
Neukammer J, Kammel M, Höckner J, Kummrow A, Ruf A.
Referenzverfahren zur Messung von Stammzellkonzentrationen
Opens external link in new windowBIOspektrum 03.15, (2015) 294-297, ISSN 0947-0867 (invited contribution for the special section “Flow Cytometry“).

Kammel M, Kummrow A, John M, Reitz S, Witt K., Neukammer J.
Flow cytometer for reference measurements of blood cell concentrations with low uncertainties
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM) : Special Issue of IEEE International Symposium on Opens external link in new windowMedical Measurements and Applications (2015), Turin, 09, April, 2015.

Frankowski M, Simon P, Bock N, El-Hasni A, Schnakenberg U, Neukammer J.
Simultaneous optical and impedance analysis of single cells: A comparison of two microfluidic sensors with sheath flow focusing
Engineering in Life Sciences (2015) Opens external link in new windowDOI: 10.1002/elsc.201400078.

Stebbings R, Wang L, Sutherland J, Kammel M, Gaigalas AK, John M, Roemer B, Kuhne M, Schneider RJ, Braun M, Engel A, Dikshit D, Abbasi F, Marti GE, Sassi M, Revel L, Kim SK, Baradez M, Lekishvili T, Marshall D, Whitby L, Jing W, Ost V, Vonsky M, Neukammer J.
Quantification of Cells with Specific Phenotypes I: Determination of CD4+ Cell Count Per Microliter in Reconstituted Lyophilized Human PBMC Prelabeled with Anti-CD4 FITC Antibody
Opens external link in new windowCytometry A 87A (2015) 244-253.

Wang L, Stebbings R, Gaigalas AK, Sutherland J, Kammel M, John M, Roemer B, Kuhne M, Schneider RJ, Braun M, Engel A, Dikshit D, Abbasi F, Marti GE, Sassi M, Revel L, Kim SK, Baradez M, Lekishvili T, Marshall D, Whitby L, Jing W, Ost V, Vonsky M, Neukammer J.
Quantification of cells with specific phenotypes II: Determination of CD4 expression level on reconstituted lyophilized human PBMC labelled with anti-CD4 FITC antibody
Opens external link in new windowCytometry A 87A (2015) 254-261.


Neukammer J, Hussels M, Kummrow A, Devonshire A, Foy C, Huggett J, Parkes H, Žel J, Milavec M, Schimmel H, Unger W, Akgöz M, McHugh T, Tomic V, Grunert HP, Zeichhardt H.
Survey results on nucleic acid tests of infectious diseases: present status and need for rapid and near-patient diagnostics
GMS Z Forder Qualitatssich Med Lab. 2014;6:Doc01. Opens external link in new windowDOI: 10.3205/lab000016.

Theisen, J.; Schmidt, M.; Ragusch, H.; Neukammer, J.; Kummrow, A.
Verfahren zum hydrodynamischen Fokussieren eines Fluidstroms und Anordnung
Patent DE 10 2007 017 318.2 (2014).

Frankowski M, Theisen,J, Kummrow A, Simon P, Ragusch H, Bock N, Schmidt, M, Neukammer J.
Microflow cytometer with integrated hydrodynamic focusing
Sensors 13 (2013) 4674-4693.

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Quantitative assessment of cell viability based on flow cytometry and microscopy
Cytometry A 83A (2013), 197-204.

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Establishing traceability of photometric absorbance values for accurate measurements of the haemoglobin concentration in blood
Metrologia 50 (2013) 539-548.

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Reference measurement procedures for the accurate determination of cell concentrations: present status and future developments
J. Lab. Med. 36 (2012) 25-34.

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A Microflow Cytometer Exploited for the Immunological Differentiation of Leukocytes
Cytometry A 79A (2011), 613-624.

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Determination of micro-litre volumes with high accuracy for flow cytometric blood cell counting
Meas. Sci. Technol. 21 (2010), 074006.

Kummrow A, Theisen J, Frankowski M,Tuchscheerer A, Yildirim H, Brattke K, Schmidt M, Neukammer J.
Microfluidic structures for flow cytometric analysis of hydrodynamically focussed blood cells fabricated by ultraprecision micromachining
Lab Chip 9 (2009), 972-981.

Eberbeck D, Wiekhorst F, Steinhoff U, Schwarz KO, Kummrow A, Kammel M, Neukammer J, Thrams L.
Specific binding of magnetic nanoparticle probes to platelets in whole blood detected by magnetorelaxometry
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 321 (2009) 1617-1620.

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Comparison and accuracy of methods to determine the confocal volume for quantitative fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
J. Microscopy 232 (2008) 343-352.

Rüttinger S, Macdonald R, Krämer B, Koberling F, Roos M, Hildt E.
Accurate single-pair Förster Resonant Energy Transfer through combination of Pulsed Interleaved Excitation, Time Correlated Single-Photon Counting, and Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
J. Biomed. Opt. 11 (2006) 024012-1 -9.

Neukammer J, Gohlke C, Krämer B, Roos M.
Concept for the Traceability of Fluorescence (Beads) in Flow Cytometry: Exploiting Saturation and Microscopic Single Molecule Bleaching
J. Fluorescence 15 (2005) 433-441.

Resch-Genger U, Hoffmann K, Nietfeld W, Engel A, Neukammer J, Nitschke R, Ebert B, Macdonald R.
How to improve quality assurance in fluorometry: Fluorescence-inherent sources of error and suited fluorescence standards
Journal of Fluorescence 15 (2005) 337-362.

Grobusch MP, Hanscheid T, Krämer B, Neukammer J, May J, Seybold J, Kun JF, Suttorp N.
Sensitivity of hemozoin detection by automated flow cytometry in non- and semi-immune malaria patients
Cytometry B 55B (2003), 46-51.

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Angular-distribution of light scattered by single biological cells and oriented particle agglomerates
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Evaluation of a New Reagent for Preserving Fresh Blood Samples and its Potential Usefulness for Internal Quality Controls of Multichannel Hematology Analyzers
Am. J. Clin. Path. 111 (1999), 387-396.

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Relative Frequency of malaria pigment-carrying monocytes of nonimmune and semi-immune patients from flow cytometric depolarized side scatter
Cytometry 45 (2001), 133-140.

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Flow Cytometric Differentiation of Erythrocytes and Leukocytes in Dilute Whole Blood by Light Scattering
Cytomerty 32 (1998), 191-197.

Ost V, Rinneberg H, Neukammer J.
Verfahren zur Differenzierung, Konzentrationsbestimmung und Sortierung von Erythrozyten, Thrombozyten und Leukozyten
Patentschrift DE 4309328C2 (1998).

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J. Lab. Med. 21 (1997), 216-220.

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Überprüfung von Kalibrationsmaterial bekannter Teilchenzahlkonzentration zur indirekten Konzentrationsbestimmung von Leukozytensubpopulationen
Beitrag 2.8.1, Jahresbericht der Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (1997), 274. 

Rinneberg H, Neukamme, J, Ost V.
Laser-Durchflußzytometer als Normalmeßeinrichtung zur Bestimmung der Konzentration von Erythrozyten, Leukozyten und Thrombozyten
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Die elektronische Volumenbestimmung von Blutkörperchen und ihre Fehlerquellen
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