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Topics Hands-on Training at PTB

  • Calibration

    • Aspects of the whole procedure from receiving the instrument till sending it back
    • Practical aspects for calibration / handling
    • Preparation the certificates
    • Quality control of calibration results

  • QA & QC at PTB

    • Overview about QA structure of PTB
    • formal aspects
    • QA measurements, time intervals

  • QM- ISO 17025 issues
  • Reference fields

    • HVL measurements

      • correction for the monitor chamber filtration and also temperature and pressure and leakage current,
      • how is assured constant potential
      • corrections for the shutter transit time
      • check of the alignment of X ray tube, diaphragms and monitor chamber by a photographic X ray film
      • maybe homogeneity of the field
      • inherent filtration

    • establishing new qualities
    • Low energy fields
    • Pulsed fields

(Version 07.11.2018)