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Abteilung 5

Hier sind aktuelle Veranstaltungen aufgeführt, die von der Abt. 5 durchgeführt werden bzw. die mit Beteiligung von Abt. 5 organisiert werden, z.B. durch Mitarbeit in Programmkomitees, etc.:

Multifunctional ultrafast micro-probes for on-the-machine measurements

Online Workshop
June 23, 2021 | 13:00 - 15:30
Participation is free of charge

Traceable measurements of surface form and property are essential for controlling the use of or assessing the condition of machined parts and tools in high precision mechanical manufacturing machines especially when these components are subject to wear and surface contamination. Therefore, the 17IND05 MicroProbes project developed tactile microprobes for reliable and ultrafast, on-the-machine (i.e. in-line) topographical micro-form and roughness measurements that are 30 times faster than conventional methods and fast methods using contact resonance and force-distance curves to measure adhesion, stiffness, friction, coating thickness and to detect contaminants through adhesion contrast.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Mechanical Properties Measured with a Customized Microprobe for AFM
  • Contact Resonance Operation of Piezoresistive Microprobes
  • Fast topography measurements using optimized cantilevers with active Q-control and passive damping
  • Microprobe system with integrated „high-speed“ feed unit – Microprofiler
  • In-line measurement of surface texture of rolls using microprobes
  • In Situ Measurement of Wear using Mechanical Microprobes

The agenda and link to the workshop can be downloaded here:

Onlineseminar EUCoM – Strategien zur Messunsicherheitsbestimmung in der Koordinatenmesstechnik

Das EMPIR-Projekt EUCoM (Evaluating the Uncertainty in Coordinate Measurement – Messunsicherheitsauswertung in der Koordinatenmesstechnik) hat sich über drei Jahre hinweg mit der Entwicklung neuer Strategien zur Bestimmung der Messunsicherheit in der Koordinatenmesstechnik befasst.

Die Ergebnisse – zwei neue Ansätze für die Schätzung der Messunsicherheit – werden auf dieser Veranstaltung vorgestellt. Dieser ermöglichen eine Schätzung ohne Vorwissen (durch erhöhten Messaufwand) oder eine Vorhersage, die nur auf Vorwissen beruht. Im Verlaufe des Seminars werden die Hintergründe erläutert, konkrete Ergebnisse gezeigt und die Anwendung für Industrienutzer erklärt.

Diese kostenlose Veranstaltung findet am 29. Juni 2021 ab 9:30 Uhr statt.

Mehr Informationen sowie die Anmeldung zur Veranstaltung finden Sie auf der EUCoM Webseite


Gear Metrology for Wind Energy Systems (WES)

Tutorial at euspen SIG Meeting: Precision Engineering for Sustainable Energy Systems
October 13, 2021
Time to be announced later
PTB, Braunschweig

Gears and gearboxes are an important part of many wind energy systems. Small tolerances account for high demands on manufacturing metrology for such components with complex geometry.

This tutorial will show attendees how we currently measure gears, discuss some limitations of these processes and introduce participants to some of the strategies that are being researched.

Tutorial programme:

  • Why do we measure gears?
  • What do we measure? – Gear geometry introduction
  • How do we measure gears? Typical measuring machines and methods
  • What do we evaluate? Classical gear evaluation parameters –with ISO 1328-1:2013.
  • What do we get wrong? Contributions to measurement uncertainty, traceability and classical calibration strategies for large gears
  • What is new and why do we need to improve measurement methods?

    • Full surface scanning with tactile and optical probes
    • Holistic evaluation of involute gears
    • Evaluation of harmonic content- (some candidate methods)
    • GPS compatible strategies- the challenges and some possible solutions

  • How do we use the holistic gear measurement data? Interfacing measurement data with CAD/TCA models and Digital Twins.

Intended for:
This tutorial is aimed at technical staff, graduate and postgraduate engineers, post-doctoral researchers, operators and managers of wind energy systems responsible for purchasing, repairing or maintaining these facilities.

Details including how to register can be found here:

euspen SIG Meeting: Precision Engineering for Sustainable Energy Systems

October 13-14, 2021
PTB, Braunschweig

Precision machines have long been at the forefront of one industrial revolution after another to enable the turning of ideas into the economical production of physical objects. In all likelihood the emerging Sustainable Revolution could be the start of a new golden age for the planet, humanity, and precision engineering.

Whilst there is no shortage of renewable energy systems available at ever-decreasing costs, a concern is they are not evolving fast enough to help us economically transition to a low carbon economy. The purpose of this workshop is thus to bring together people from academia, industry, and government to share experiences with using precision engineering principles to help develop new ideas and manufacturing systems to reduce production and ownership costs related to realizing a global carbon neutral (or ideally negative) economy.

Areas of interest include automated precision production of components and systems ranging from manufacture of solar cells and panels to their installation and maintenance; to ever larger wind turbines on and offshore including in-situ manufacturing of ever larger elements; to energy storage systems from batteries to hydro power systems.

Details including how to register can be found here: