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Smart PhoRa project start


The EMPIR Project “Supporting smart specialisation and stakeholder linkage in Photometry and Radiometry (Smart PhoRa)” has started on September 1st, 2021, for an 18-month funding period. Within Europe there are emerging national metrology institutes (NMIs) and designated (DIs) that provide the highest order in the traceability chain within their country for photometry and radiometry, but who are not able to fulfil the needs of stakeholders for the measurement and traceability of particular quantities and parameters due to a lack of relevant metrological expertise. This project will enable emerging NMIs and DIs to develop their metrological knowledge and expertise concentrated in those metrology fields, which are of major interest for the stakeholders (industry and society) in their countries with respect to smart specialisation in the field of photometry and radiometry. This will be achieved through the delivery of web-based seminars, training lectures and hands-on laboratory experience to support the development of the metrology infrastructures within these countries, thus enabling a better and more effective linkage between the participating NMIs and the stakeholders to address their needs. At PTB, Stefan Kück, Thorsten Gerloff, Ingo Kröger, Johannes Ledig, Saulius Nevas, Alfred Schirmacher, Peter Sperfeld, Armin Sperling, Stefan Winter are involved in the project. The project is coordinated by Stefan Kück from PTB and involves 9 NMIs as partners. More information may be found under: https://www.ptb.de/empir2021/smart-phora/home/