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MIE experiments and simultaneous measurement of the transferred charge - A verification of the ignition threshold limits

Autor(en): T. Langer, G. Gramse, D. Möckel, U. v. Pidoll und M. Beyer
Zeitschrift: Journal of Electrostatics
Jahr: 2012
Band: 70
Seite(n): 97-104
Zusammenfassung: Using the appartus for the determination of the MIE a wide series of experiments have been carried out in hydrogen/air, ethene/air, propane/air and acetone/air mixtures. The transferred charge as a criterion to judge the ignition potential is determined to to varify the threshold of transferred charge given in the standards. The stored charge in the capacitance befor the discharge is compared to the transferred charge in the spark. The correlation of ignition energy and transferred energy is examined and the thresholds of the transferred charge are discussed. The MIE of the above- mentioned mixture are reviewed taking into account the measurement uncertainty.

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