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Ignition of dust-air atmospheres by ultrasonic waves

Autor(en): Lars Hendrik Simon, V. Wilkens, T. Fedtke und M. Beyer
Jahr: 2012
Konferenz Name: International Symposium of Hazard, Prevention and Mitigation of Industrial Explosions
Konferenz Ort: Krakau
Konferenz Datum: 22.07.-27.07.2012
Zusammenfassung: This paper shows the results of our investigations on the ignition source ultrasound in
dust-air atmospheres. Ultrasound is, on the one hand, considered to be an ignition
source (EN 1127-1:2007). On the other hand, though, it is used for various
applications in gases and air, such as level measurement, dust agglomeration
(De Sarabia et al. 2000), particle size fractionation (Budwig et al. 2010) or potentially
for the production of powder coatings (Hemsel et al. 2005), and no explosion
accidents have yet been reported. Our research now shows that it is indeed possible to
ignite dust-air mixtures in ultrasound fields under certain conditions. We conducted
our experiments in an ultrasound standing-wave field and used maize starch, calcium
stearate and sulfur dust. For ignitions, an absorbing target was needed to convert the
acoustic energy into heat. From theoretical estimations and experiments critical
conditions that provoke ultrasonically triggered explosions are identified.

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