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High Pressure Workshop


Workshop on

High-Pressure Metrology for Industrial Applications

PTB, Braunschweig, Germany

September 17, 2014

The Workshop

New high-pressure technologies such as autofrettage, hydroforming and isostatic pressing are being widely developed and used in the automotive industry, in diesel engineering, in vessel production for the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, in the manufacturing of water-jet cutting machines, in new material fabrication and, recently, for food sterilisation. With these new technologies, the quality and the lifetime of products and the efficiency of processes can be increased, material and energy resources can be saved, and the emission of pollutants can be reduced. To meet the needs of these industries for reliable and traceable-high pressure measurements, a few European metrology institutes have joined the research project (JRP) “High pressure metrology for industrial applications”, HighPRES, under the European Metrology Research Programme, Opens external link in new windowhttp://emrp-highpres.cmi.cz/. The objective of this workshop is to exchange new ideas within the metrological and industrial communities in order to promote the application of high-pressure technologies which are typically realised at pressures from 100 MPa to 2.5 GPa across Europe.

1 MPa and 1 GPa piston-cylinder assemblies
1 MPa and 1 GPa piston-cylinder assemblies

Scope and topics

  • Primary and secondary high-pressure standards
  • Traceability of high-pressure measurements
  • High-pressure measurement methods and instrumentation
  • Properties of high-pressure fluids and materials
  • High-pressure generation and testing equipment
  • Innovative industrial high-pressure technologies
  • Challenges and demands in industrial high-pressure applications


Photos: PTB, Wikipedia, Emerson, Tinyboard
Photos: PTB, Wikipedia, Emerson, Tinyboard
Photos: PTB, Wikipedia, Emerson, Tinyboard
Photos: PTB, Wikipedia, Emerson, Tinyboard
Photos: PTB, Wikipedia, Emerson, Tinyboard
Photos: PTB, Wikipedia, Emerson, Tinyboard
Photos: PTB, Wikipedia, Emerson, Tinyboard

Organisation of the workshop

  • The workshop language will be English.
  • Only oral contributions will be possible.
  • There will be no parallel sessions.
  • Since the number of participants is limited, the scientific committee will decide who participates if the workshop is overbooked – early registration is much recommended.
  • Participation in the workshop is free of charge.
  • The costs of lunch and beverages during the workshop are included.
  • An optional dinner after the workshop will be offered. Its costs are not included and have to be borne individually.
  • Full papers will be published either in the Opens external link in new windowPTB-Mitteilungen, or as a Opens external link in new windowPTB-Bericht. - new -

Training course on high-pressure measurement and calibration

The follow-up training course on measurements and calibrations typical of the pressure range 10 MPa to 1.5 GPa is planned as a separate event with details presented at Opens external link in new windowwww.highpres-training.ptb.de.


09:00  Welcome speech and opening

Jörn Stenger – PTB Presidential Board Member, Germany

09:10  Development of 1.6 GPa pressure standards

Wladimir Sabuga, Alexander Gluschko, Thomas Konczak – PTB, Germany

09:35  FEM analysis of the high-pressure multipliers and components

Ahmed D. Salama – PTB, Germany, Thierry Rabault – LNE, France


10:00  Coffee break

10:30  Elastic constant measurements by strain gauges and RUS methods

Thierry Rabault – LNE, France, Ahmed D. Salama – PTB, Germany

10:55  High-pressure transducers as transfer pressure standards evaluated by a 1 GPa pressure comparison

Jens Könemann, Alexander Gluschko, Thomas Konczak, Wladimir Sabuga – PTB, Germany

11:20  Pressure dependence of viscosity and compressibility of fluids for high pressure applications

Ludwig Brouwer – TU Clausthal, Germany

11:45  A new pressure transducer for pressure measurements up to 20 kbar - new -

Peter Lischka – Lischka Ingenieur GmbH, Germany

12:10  Lunch

13:40  New possibilities with a high pressure measuring chain consisting of reference pressure transducer P3 Top Class BlueLine and DMP 41 high-precision instrument

André Schäfer – HBM GmbH, Germany

14:05  Design of components for 25 000 bar autofrettage machines and development of two high pressure sensor concepts

Markus Wedemeyer et al – Maximator GmbH, Germany, Steffen Thumser et al – MFPA Weimar, Germany, Ralf Koppert et alSiegert TFT GmbH, Germany

14:55  PVDF sensors for dynamic pressure metrology in extreme environment

Jeremie Fourmann, Herve Aubert – LAAS, France

15:20  Closing

Wladimir Sabuga – PTB, Germany

15:30  Coffee break

16:00  Visit of the PTB pressure laboratory

17:00  End of official part

18:45  Guided tour through Braunschweig (1 hour)

20:00  Get-together meeting / dinner in the city of Braunschweig

Preliminary deadlines and schedule

  • March 17, 2014
    Registration data will be available on website
  • June 15, 2014
    Deadline for the submission of abstracts (Initiates file downloadtemplate file)
  • June 30, 2014
    Notification of abstract acceptance

  • July 30, 2014
    End of registration
  • August 31, 2014
    Deadline for the submission of full papers
  • September 17, 2014

Scientific committee

  • Wladimir Sabuga, PTB, Germany (chair)
  • Jens Könemann, PTB, Germany
  • Dominik Pražák, CMI, Czech Rep.
  • Christian Wüthrich, METAS, Switzerland
  • Thierry Rabault, LNE, France
  • Miroslav Chytil, SMU, Slovakia
  • Ludwig Brouwer, TUC, Germany

Local organising committee

  • Chaired by Wladimir Sabuga, PTB, Germany

Workshop venue

The event will be held in the facilities of PTB in Braunschweig. A visit to the PTB pressure laboratory will be organised in connection with the workshop.

Aerial photography of PTB / Braunschweig historic center. Photos: PTB, pixelio.de - Helga Ewert, Dieter Schütz


Please follow this Opens internal link in current windowlink to register for the workshop.

A list of hotels with rooms reserved for the event, you will find Opens external link in new windowhere (available until August 18).
By booking before July 21 you will get an early booking discount.

If you plan to participate in form of a presentation you can find a template Initiates file downloadhere.

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