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High Pressure Training Course


Training course on

High-pressure measurement
and calibration

PTB, Braunschweig, Germany

September 18, 2014


You are kindly invited to participate in the training course.

The training course

New high-pressure technologies require high pressures to be accurately measured and instruments used in the measurement to be calibrated. To meet the needs of the industry for reliable and traceable-high pressure measurements, a few European metrology institutes have joined the research project (JRP) “High pressure metrology for industrial applications”, HighPRES, under the European Metrology Research Programme, Opens external link in new windowhttp://emrp-highpres.cmi.cz/. The objective of this training course is to promote the application of high-pressure technologies across Europe by giving theoretical and practical information on calibration and application of high-pressure measuring instruments. This training course is addressed to professionals who specialise in pressure calibrations and measurements typically realised from 100 MPa to 1 GPa and higher.

Training course venue

The training course will be held at PTB using pressure standards and other measurement facilities of the PTB Pressure Working Group.

Aerial photography of PTB / Braunschweig historic center. Photos: PTB, pixelio.de - Helga Ewert, Dieter Schütz


  • Participation in the training course is free of charge. The costs of lunch and beverages during the training course are included.

  • Since the number of participants is limited, the organising committee will decide who participates if the training course is overbooked.


Preliminary deadlines and schedule

  • March 31, 2014
    Registration will be available on this website.
  • June 16, 2014
    Final program will be announced.
  • July 30, 2014
    End of registration.
  • September 18, 2014
    Training course.


9:00    Theoretical part

  • Primary high-pressure standards and methods for the realisation of the pressure scale
  • Secondary high-pressure standards: high-pressure measurement techniques, pressure transducers, application fields of pressure transducers based on foil strain gauges
  • Calibration of high-pressure transducers, calibration guidelines DAkkS-DKD-R 6-1 and EURAMET cg-17
  • Handling of high-pressure transducers
  • Data presented in calibration certificates of high-pressure transducers, their interpretation and use under real measurement conditions and procedures

11:00    Coffee break

11:20    Practical part I

  • Explanation of the reference pressure standard
  • Installation of a high-pressure transducer, preparations, tools and instruments
  • Preliminary tests and measurements

12:30    Lunch

13:30    Practical part II

  • Calibration of a high-pressure transducer
  • Tests of the transducer's properties

15:00    Coffee break

15:20    Evaluation

  • Evaluation of the calibration results
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Discussion

17:30    End of the training course


- registration closed -

A list of hotels with rooms reserved for the event, you will find Opens external link in new windowhere (available until August 18).
By booking before 21 July you will get an early booking discount.

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