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Viallon, J.; Choteau, T.; Flores, E.; Idrees, F.; Moussay, P.; Wielgosz, R.I.; Loh, Z.; Allison, C.; Huang, L.; Chivelscu, A.; Camin, F.; Krajnc, B.; Ogrinc, N.; de Lima Fioravante, A.; Fasciotti, M.; Monteiro, T.V.C.; Garrido, B.C.; Rego, E.C.P.; Wollinger, W.; Augusto, C.R.; Michel, S.; Lee, J.S.; Lim, J.K.; Daëron, M.; Kassi, S.; Moossen, H.; Hai, L.; Zhou, Z.; Srivastava, A.; Shimosaka, T.; Mussel Webber, E.; Hill−Pearce, R.; Brewer, P.; Chartrand, M.; Rienitz, O.; Ebert, V.; Flierl, L.; Braden-Behrens, J.; Nwaboh, J.; Emad, A.; Simsek, A.; Chubchenko, I.: Final report of CCQM-P204, comparison on CO2 isotope ratios in pure CO2. Metrologia 2023, 60(1A), 08026
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Liu, Z.; Wang, Z.; Guckel, J.; Park, D.; Lalkens, B.; Stosch, R.; Etzkorn, M.: Positional control of DNA origami based gold dimer hybrid nanostructures on pre-structured surfaces. Nanotechnology, 34 (2023), 42, 1-10
Wang, Z.; Liu, Z.; Dempwolf, W.; Molle, J.; Kanehira, Y.; Kogikoski Junior, S.; Etzkorn, M.; Bald, Stosch, R.; Wundrack, S.: Surface enhanced raman spectroscopy on selective adsorbed plasmonic nanostructures using polar surface arrays. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 6 (2023), 16, 14645–14655
Syring, A.; Wang, Z.; Wundrack, S.; Stosch, R.; Voss, T.: Optical tomography of polymeric microsphere layers using confocal raman microscopy. Applied Spectroscopy, 2023;77(7):744-752
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Süleyman, Z.C.; Engin, B.A.; İşleyen, A.; Jotanovic, A.; Acosta, O.; Prina, P.; Schvartz, M.; Savić, M.; Stojanović, M.; Forigua, D.A.A.; Abella G., J.G.; Ahumada F., D.A.; Näykki, T.; Sara-Aho, T.; Vogl, J.; Koenig, M.; Rienitz, O.; Noordmann, J.; Pape, C.; Towara, J.; Kakoulides, E.; Alexopoulos, C.; Ketrin, R.; Mardika, E.; Komalasari, I.; Elishian, C.; Naujalis, E.; Knašienė, B.; Uribe, C.; Carrasco, E.; Zoń, A.; Warzywoda, B.; Stakheev, A.; Dobrovolskiy, V.; Stolboushkina, T.; Glinkova, A.; Sobina, E.; Tabatchikova, T.; Gažević, L.; Paunović, M.; Jaćimović, R.; Zuliani, T.; Zambra, R.P.; Napoli, R.: Supplementary Comparison – Determination of elements in river water. Metrologia, 2023, 60(1a), 08001
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Waldmann, C.; Fischer, P.; Seitz, S.; Köllner, M.; Fischer, J.-G.; Bergenthal, M.; Brix, H.; Weinreben, S.; Huber, R.: A methodology to uncertainty quantification of essential ocean variables. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9:1002153, 15.11.2022
Bastkowski, F.; Seitz, S.: pH-Messungen zur Quantifizierung der Versauerung von Meerwasser. PTB-Mitteilungen 132 (2022), Heft 3, S. 61
Beckhoff, B.; Essmann, S.; Horn, T.; Lienesch, F.; Seitz, S.; Sarge, S.M.; Zech, C.: Metrologie und Sicherheit für Batterien. PTB-Mitteilungen 132 (2022), Heft 2, S. 55
Gao, Y.; Ren, T.; Williams, I.S.; Ireland, T.R.; Long, T.; Rienitz, O.; Pramann, A.; Wang, S.; Song, P.; Wang, J.: Molar mass measurement of a 28Si-enriched silicon crystal with high precision secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS). Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2022, 37, 2546–2555
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Heinrich, M.; Wolff, N.; Seitz, S.; Krewer, U.: Identifying anode and cathode contributions in Li-Ion full cell impedance spectra. Batteries (2022), 8(5), 40
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Syring, A.; Wang, Z.; Molle, J.; Keese, H.; Wundrack, S.; Stosch, R.; Voss, T.: Confocal raman microscopy for the analysis of the three-dimensional shape of polymeric microsphere layers. Applied Spectroscopy, March 2022
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Heering, A.; Bastkowski, F.; Seitz, S.: Glass electrode half-cells for measuring unified pH in water-organic solvent mixtures. SMSI 2020 Conference – Sensor and Measurement Science International, Nürnberg, Germany, 22.-26.06.2020 (did not take place because of Covid-19 virus pandemic)
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