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Scatterometry - from science to production

Autor(en): Jan Richter, Albrecht Ullrich, Bernd Bodermann und John C. Lam
Herausgeber: Bodermann, Bernd; 4.2, Bild- und Wellenoptik, PTB-Braunschweig
Buhr, Egbert; 4.2, Bild- und Wellenoptik, PTB-Braunschweig
Report Typ: PTB-Report
Jahr: 2009
Seite(n): [CD-ROM] file name: 13_Richter_AMTC.pdf
ISBN: ISBN 978-3-86918-032-8
Zusammenfassung: Scatterometry has been around for several years in the semiconductor industry and exhibited promising potential. This paper guides through the process of a technology with potential to the realisation of customer defined measurements, which is from pure science to product. The potential of scatterometry for characterisation of photomasks is shown in comparison to standard CD SEM technology. In contrast the current application in the manufacturing environment are presented. The gaps in utilisation of the potential and path forward are discussed for a wider spread of the technology.
Bemerkung: Scatterometry and ellipsometry on structured surfaces : Beiträge des 245. PTB-Seminars am 18. und 19. März 2009 ; (PTB-Bericht PTB-Opt-71)

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