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Nondestructive nonmiscible liquid immersion focussing tech-nique in combination with shearing interferometry for deter-mining the refractive indices

Autor(en): R. S. Kasana und K.-J. Rosenbruch
Jahr: 1983
Seite(n): 74 S., 13 Abbildungen
Verschiedenes: DM 22,50
Zusammenfassung: Some innovative nondestructive techniques for measuring the refractive index of a lens have been described in this technical report. The salient feature of these recently developed approa-ches is to avoid the use of two miscible liquids commonly used in the liquid immersion method. Wavefront shearing interferome-ters as very sensitive devices for locating a focal point have been applied for determining the exact focal plane of the fest lens in the defferent types of liquids. Thus the accurate value of the focal length has been obtained by the reported methods which are quick to perform and expedient to produce good accuracies als compared with the existing techniques.

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