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Hello everybody and welcome on board to discover the role of metrology in pandemic response!

In an era marked by the rapid emergence of infectious diseases, the need for accurate and standardized diagnostic tools has never been more critical. To address this challenge, we are participating in a groundbreaking initiative called “Fire drill exercises” launched by metrologist around the world.

Taking part of these series of exercises allows us to fortify the capabilities of PTB to meet the diagnostic demands of pandemics. These exercises simulate outbreak scenarios, providing a real-world testing ground to evaluate the effectiveness of reference measurement systems. We not only aim to show PTB's technical competences but also foster collaboration with local and regional stakeholders. By engaging with these stakeholders, we can underscore the unique position in supporting standardization during the deployment of diagnostic tools.

In this blog, we will give some interesting insights into our work. Looking forward to supporting laboratory standardization.

Opens local program for sending emailDr. Samreen Falak

Opens local program for sending emailDr. Esmeralda Valiente


the influenza virus (credit: Genevieve Timmins)
The influenza virus (credit: Genevieve Timmins) 


Digital PCR measurement platform (Credit: Dr. Kummrow)
Digital PCR measurement platform (Credit: Dr. Krummrow)