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International presence conference 

13th Seminar on Quantitative Microscopy (QM) and

9th Seminar on Nanoscale Calibration, Standards and Methods.

Conference web site: www.nanoscale.ptb.de



Datum:Di 10.10.2023 / 08:00
bis:Do 12.10.2023 / 14:00

Helsinki, Finland

Dear Colleagues,

On the 10th and 11th of October 2023, the EMPIR 20IND10 Decarb project will hold its Month 27 meeting at PTB premises.

We are happy to welcome visitors from all over Europe.

More information about the Decarb project can be found at the project website: https://www.decarbgrid.eu/



Datum:Di 10.10.2023 / 09:00
bis:Mi 11.10.2023 / 11:00

Raumzellen-Bau 14 (RZB14), Raum 107

Vortragender:Decarb Consortium

Vor Ort in Präsenz und hybrid (www.qi-digital.de, Anmeldung Voraussetzung)


Datum:Di 10.10.2023 / 12:00
bis:Mi 11.10.2023 / 15:00

Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.

Burggrafstr. 6

10787 Berlin