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New correlation equations for hydrogen


Hydrogen plays an important role for the decarbonization of the energy sector. In its gaseous form, it is stored at pressures of up to 1000 bar at which real gas effects become relevant. To capture these effects in numerical simulations, accurate real gas models are required. We propose new correlation equations for relevant hydrogen properties that are based on the Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties Database (REFPROP). Within the regarded temperature (150–400 K) and pressure (0.1–1000 bar) range, this approach yields a substantially improved accuracy compared to other data-based correlations. Furthermore, the developed equations are validated in a numerical simulation of a critical flow Venturi nozzle. The results are in much better accordance with experimental data compared to a cubic equation of state model. In addition, the simulation is even slightly faster.

The research is published in: S. Weiss, J. Polansky, M. Bär, K. Oberleithner and S. Schmelter. Derivation and validation of a reference data-based real gas model for hydrogen. Elsevier International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2023.

The paper is available at Opens external link in new windowhttps://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2023.03.073.

Contact: Opens local program for sending emailSebastian Weiss (8.41)