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  • 61. Intelligent Detection of Mobile Malware  
    Datum: 06.07.2017
    Prozentuale Relevanz: 20 %
    PTB - Kolloquium Malicious code poses a threat to the security of mobile devices. Numerous mobile applications contain malicious functionality for stealing sensitive data, calling premium numbers or  
  • 62. Interpolatory model reduction with applications to flow control and nonlinear inversion  
    Datum: 07.08.2017
    Prozentuale Relevanz: 15 %
    Kolloquium der Abteilung 8 Numerical simulation of large-scale dynamical systems plays a crucial role and may be the only possibility in studying a great variety of complex physical phenomena with  
  • 63. “Quantum technologies based on interacting photonic lattices”  
    Datum: 12.02.2018
    Prozentuale Relevanz: 18 %
    Kolloquium der Abteilung 2 Engineered quantum systems are of central importance for future information processing and metrology. During the last two decades the elementary building blocks of such  
  • 64. Publications  
    Datum: 23.04.2018
    Prozentuale Relevanz: 20 %
    Publications Publications 2018 [1] [2] [3] [4] S. Kroker, High-precision sensing with metasurefaces, Bundesweite Exkursion der jDPG, Braunschweig, 09.04.2018. [Invited Talk] C. B. Rojas Hurtado, J.  
  • 65. Soltwisch SPIE 9422 38 AL15 Ellipsometer  
    Datum: 02.05.2018
    Prozentuale Relevanz: 5 %
    Soltwisch SPIE 9422 38 AL15 Ellipsometer Polarization resolved measurements with the new EUV Ellipsometer of PTB Victor Soltwischa, Andreas Fischera, Christian Laubisa, Christian Stadelhoffa, Frank  
  • 66. The NRC Kibble Balance, Final Measurements of h  
    Datum: 03.05.2018
    Prozentuale Relevanz: 34 %
    PTB Kolloquium It seems almost inevitable that this November the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) will approve the redefinition of the SI, our system of units. This process has  
  • 67. PTB-Kolloquium 10. August 2017  
    Datum: 22.05.2018
    Prozentuale Relevanz: 10 %
    PTB-Kolloquium 2. März 2017 body {font-family: Arial,sans-serif;} p {-moz-hyphens: auto; -o-hyphens: auto; -webkit-hyphens: auto; -ms-hyphens: auto; hyphens: auto;} h2 {font-size:120%;}  
  • 68. PTB-Kolloquium 22. Mai 2018  
    Datum: 23.05.2018
    Prozentuale Relevanz: 18 %
    PTB-Kolloquium 22. Mai 2018 body {font-family: Arial,sans-serif;} p {-moz-hyphens: auto; -o-hyphens: auto; -webkit-hyphens: auto; -ms-hyphens: auto; hyphens: auto;} h2 {font-size:120%;}  
  • 69. An invitation from a semiconductor physicist: Bridging semiconductor photonics and quantum optics  
    Datum: 04.06.2018
    Prozentuale Relevanz: 34 %
    Kolloquium der Abteilung 4 Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) based on III-V materials were discovered in year 1993. They are expected to bring a paradigm shift to the researches on quantum  
  • 70. On the Nature of the Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect  
    Datum: 29.08.2018
    Prozentuale Relevanz: 10 %
    Kolloquium der Abteilung 2 The importance of the Quantum Hall effect in metrological standards is well established, but its implementation in many situations is hindered by its requirements of a  
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