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The 20th iteration of the International Metrology Congress (CIM) will be organised as a hybrid event. It covers

  • Controlled Measurements (uncertainties, traceability, cost optimisation, certification, standardisation, conformity and risks ... for measurement, analysis and testing processes)
  • Optimised Measurements (techniques and best practices for mass, force, flow, pressure, dimension,...
Date:Tue 07.09.2021 / 09:00
to:Thu 09.09.2021 / 17:00

Lyon (France)

Energy harvesting from renewable sources (solar, heat and movement) is a prominent solution to create small amounts of electrical energy in areas of difficult access, and energy harvesting devices have much potential to address our world energy problems. Nanowire (NW) based energy harvesting systems have achieved encouraging progress, but due to nanometre dimensions of the wires and large size up...

Date:Thu 09.09.2021 11:30 to 13:00

CIM2021 | Lyon & Online