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Date:Tue 15.10.2019 to 16.10.2019

PTB, Berlin

NanoScale 2019  October 15th - 16th 12 th Seminar on Quantitative Microscopy (QM) &   8 th Semninar on Nanoscale Calibration Standards and Methods Dimensional and related measurments in the micro- and nanometre range The seminar includes two days of technical presentations and posters. It will bring together researchers form industry, universities and metrology institutes world-wide to present...

Date:Tue 15.10.2019 / 10:00
to:Wed 16.10.2019 / 17:00

PTB-Braunschweig, Seminarzentrum Kohlrauschbau

Speaker:The speakers come from an international circle. This includes representatives of various companies,research institutes and national metrology instituets in this field.

Date: Wed 16.10.2019

PTB Braunschweig, Vieweg-Bau,R. 133

Das Komitee ist zuständig für die Übernahme von IEC/SC45B-Dokumenten (Normen und Technischen Berichten) als EN-Normen auf die europäische Ebene.

Date:Wed 16.10.2019 09:00

Bothe-Bau, Raum 311 (2. OG)