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Dr. Peter Ulbig appointed as a member of the accreditation advisory board of the German government


Peter Ulbig Abteilungsleiter Q PTBThe German accreditation advisory board serves the German government concerning all areas of accreditation. The 16 members of this board represent the interested parties and form the highest national forum for accreditation.

Dr. Peter Ulbig was appointed as a member of this advisory board by the Federal ministry for economic affairs and energy from 1st June 2016 on. He is the successor of Dr. Manfred Peters (former vice president of PTB from 2006 to 2014), who in addition has been the chairperson of the accreditation advisory board since 2010.

Dr. Peter Ulbig is also the chairperson of the sub-committee no. 5 for accreditation in metrology since November 2010 and a member of the sub-committee no. 7 for horizontal issues.

Since May 2011 is also the chairperson of the refounded Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (DKD), which represents a forum of PTB for the close cooperation between PTB and about 450 accredited calibration labs in Germany.

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