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The PTB Library offers an additional user interface for the database of PTB-publications (“PTB-Publica”)


In the database “PTB-Publica”, publications and selected lectures of  PTB scientists are documented. So far, only one user interface has existed – intended more for users familiar with database research. Under the name of  "PTB-Publica", an interface has now been brought out by the PTB Library which can be operated more easily. Nevertheless, the former, well-established interface can still be used – under the name of "PTB-Publica_Pro".

Up to now, the dataset of a publication was not entered into “PTB-Publica” until the publication had been issued and its documentation concluded. Now, since 25 July 2007, the dataset of a manuscript is already entered as soon as notification has been given by the publisher that the manuscript has been accepted for publication.

By using the following link, you will find access to the two interfaces: PTB-Publica