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PTB presses ahead with digitalization of metrology


Seventy international participants attended the workshop on the "Digital Transformation of Legal Metrology" at PTB's Berlin site in May 2018. The program was aimed at all stakeholders in legal metrology and attracted not only European partners at WELMEC level but also partners at OIML level, e.g. from Malaysia, Australia and Japan. The main issue was the progress report of PTB’s digitalization initiative "European Metrology Cloud".

The "European Metrology Cloud" is aimed at using the development made in information technology for the digitalization of metrology. Processes in legal metrology, in particular, are to be streamlined and new technology- and data-supported metrological services offered. This will establish a metrological quality infrastructure for the provision of digital and virtualized metrological services for legal metrology.

A poster session and a demonstrator session gave the participants the opportunity to discuss their very specific questions with the experts. The presentations and posters are available on the workshop website (see below). As is suggested and supported by the CIML President, Prof. Roman Schwartz (PTB), a follow-up workshop will be held on 27 and 28 May 2020 as a two-day OIML summit on the "Digital Transformation of Legal Metrology" at PTB's Berlin site. This will provide the opportunity to discuss the worldwide digitalization approaches in legal metrology and to use synergies.


Florian Thiel/PTB


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Workshop “Digital Transformation of Legal Metrology”