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Title: Suppression of aliasing in multi-sensor scanning absolute profile measurement
Author(s): A. Wiegmann, M. Schulz and C. Elster
Journal: Optics Express
Year: 2009
Volume: 17
Issue: 13
Pages: 11098
Optical Society of America
DOI: 10.1364/OE.17.011098
ISSN: 1094-4087
Web URL: http://www.osapublishing.org/viewmedia.cfm?uri=oe-17-13-11098&seq=0&html=true
Keywords: Image recognition,Instrumentation,Interferometry,Metrology,Surface measurements,algorithms and filters,and metrology,figure,measurement
Tags: 8.42, Form, SimOpt
Abstract: The task of anti-aliasing in absolute profile measurement by multi-sensor scanning techniques is considered. Simulation results are presented which demonstrate that aliasing can be highly reduced by a suitable choice of the scanning steps. The simulation results were confirmed by results obtained for interferometric measurements (Nyquist frequency 1/646 μm-1) on a specifically designed chirp specimen with sinusoidal waves of amplitude 100 nm and wavelengths from 2.5 mm down to 19 μm.

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