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Title: Dynamic torque calibration by means of model parameter identification
Author(s): L. Klaus, B. Arendacká, M. Kobusch and T. Bruns
Year: 2015
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Pages: 1-6
Web URL: http://acta.imeko.org/index.php/acta-imeko/article/view/IMEKO-ACTA-04%20%282015%29-02-07/385
Keywords: mechanical model,model parameter identification
Tags: 8.42, Dynamik
Abstract: For the dynamic calibration of torque transducers, a model of the unmounted transducer and an extended model of the mounted transducer including the measuring device have been developed. The dynamic behaviour of a torque transducer under test will be described by its model parameters. This paper presents the models comprising the known parameters of the measuring device andthe unknown parameters of the transducer and how the calibration measurements are going to be carried out. The principle for the identification of the transducer’s model parameters from measurement data is described using a least squares approach. The influence of a variation of the transducer’s parameters on the frequency response of the expanded model is analysed.
Note: Open Access

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