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Aerosol metrology for atmospheric research and air quality


IAC 2022 special session 3 of the AEROMET II project

The accurate dimensional and analytical characterization of aerosols - finely dispersed particles in gases such as air - is of increasing importance for environmental research, but also in industry. During the International Aerosol Conference (IAC 2022, https://iac2022.gr/) as well as the French Aerosol Conference (CFA 2023, www.asfera.org/fr/agenda/cfa/), results of the EMPIR AEROMET II (19ENV08) project were presented to about 100 participants in dedicated sessions.

At the IAC session, contributions included the calibration of particle counters for bioaerosols and field studies, portable devices for microphysical properties of, e.g., combustion engine soot nanoparticles; the evaluation of the equivalence of radioactive and X-ray tube-based charge conditioners for mobility particle size spectrometers; and the reliable, size-fractionated elemental analysis by X-ray fluorescence analysis methods. In this context, PTB has qualified traceable methods of X-ray fluorescence analysis under grazing incidence for aerosol depositions, size-fractionated at baffle plates by different airflow velocities, to the extent that a quantification reliability independent of the specific mass deposition can be achieved above an incidence angle which can be determined experimentally.

The CFA session included an overview of the AEROMET II project as well as the evaluation of various portable instruments for microphysical aerosol characterization under varying environmental conditions and for the investigation of reference sample systems which will be used for the calibration of total-reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis.

On June 29, 2023, the AEROMET II partners (LNE-LNHB, IRSN, and PTB) hosted a workshop on future aerosol metrology in Saclay, near Paris, with contributions from various industry representatives as well as academic institutes on topics including synthetic environmental aerosols, improved and portable aerosol measurement devices, environmental monitoring of ultra-small particles, and characterization requirements resulting from non-combustion processes.

AEROMET II website: https://www.aerometprojectii.com/


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