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Award-winning precision measurement: Calibration of PTB’s novel noise thermometer


Figure: DART electronics with measuring computer.

The article "Calibration of the dual-mode auto-calibrating resistance thermometer with few-parts-per-million uncertainty" published in Measurement Science and Technology was awarded by IOP publishing with the "Outstanding Paper Award 2022" in the field of precision measurement.The paper by Dietmar Drung, Marco Kraus and Christian Krause describes the calibration method of PTB’s novel noise thermometer using a Josephson arbitrary waveform synthesizer and demonstrates uncertainties of a few ppm (parts per million).


The DART (Dual-mode Auto-calibrating Resistance Thermometer) is a joint development of PTB departments 7.6 Cryosensors, 7.4 Temperature, 2.6 Electrical Quantum Metrology, and 2.4 Quantum Electronics with the aim to develop a thermometer both for measuring thermodynamic temperature and use as resistance thermometer. This novel thermometer is already patented and will later be commercialized by a licensee to make it available for a wide range of users in research and industry. In contrast to previous precision noise thermometers, the DART is a compact table-top instrument that does not require complex superconducting components for the measuring operation.

D. Drung, M. Kraus, and C. Krause, Meas. Sci. Technol. 33, 015008 (2022)


C. Krause, 7.6, E-Mail: christian.krause(at)ptb.de