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Poster Session Award for X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of cancer tissues


Image: Lateral distribution of elemental concentrations of treated (left) and untreaded (center) pancreatic carcinoma sections as well as of healthy pancreas tissues sections (right) of mice.

The investigations were part of the EURAMET project 'RaCHy'. It was demonstrated that based on the lateral distribution of selected elements (Na, P, S, Cl, K) as well as on their absolute concentrations within the tissue samples, healthy tissue can be reliably discriminated from tumors.  Furthermore, the results show that early effects of radiotherapy cancer treatment on tumors can also be assessed by means of quantitative elemental analysis. Therefore, non-destructive reference-free XRF was demonstrated to be a reliable method for the element analysis in tissue sections, which can be used to enhance the accuracy of cancer detection and for the evaluation of therapeutic approaches.

Link to the event: www.uantwerpen.be/en/conferences/exrs/


K. Frenzel, 7.24, E-Mail: Opens local program for sending emailKatja.Frenzel(at)PTB.de

B. Beckhoff, 7.24, E-Mail: Opens local program for sending emailBurkhard.Beckhoff(at)PTB.de