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313th PTB Seminar VUV and EUV Metrology


Participants of the VUV and EUV Metrology seminar, October, 22 to 23, 2019 at the Berlin Institute of PTB.

On October 22 and 23, 2019, the 313th PTB Seminar "VUV and EUV Metrology" took place in PTB's Hermann-von-Helmholtz building. At this workshop, by now the fifth arranged in a regular bi-annual cycle, 107 participants from research and metrology institutes as well as from industry discussed the newest developments and results in the field of applying radiation in the extreme- and vacuum-ultraviolet spectral range. An overall of 23 talks and 18 posters addressed a wide range of topics spanned from the industrial application of EUV radiation to the manufacturing and characterization of nanostructures, the development of laboratory techniques and algorithms, and up to space-based observation instruments. The introducing keynote lecture concerning the recent status of commercial EUV lithography, i.e. the manufacturing of semiconductor devices by exposure with radiation of 13 nm wavelength, pointed out the grown importance of this topic for industry. This seminar was funded by eight industrial enterprises along with the Helmholtz Fund.


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