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Autumn School and Workshop on Quantitative Methods in X-ray spectrometry


Fig. 1: Participants of the Autumn School and Workshop on Quantitative Methods in X-ray spectrometry, October, 9 to 13, 2017 at the Berlin Institute of PTB.

Fig. 2: Malte Wansleben (left) together with Dr. Michael Kolbe from PTB during the conferral of the poster prize.

In the second week of October, the first Autumn School of the Opens external link in new windowEuropean X-ray Spectrometry Association (EXSA) coorganized by EXSA, PTB and TU Berlin took place in combination with a workshop and a meeting of the Fundamental Parameter Initiative. About 75 participants 25 students among them discussed on Quantitative Methods in X-ray Spectrometry. Two days of lectures introduced the students to the subject while the workshop comprised talks about related current research and two lively discussions on fundamental parameters and micro-XRF imaging. A poster session provided an additional platform for the attendees to present scientific research.


Malte L. Wansleben, PhD student of PTB’s X-ray spectrometry group was awarded with a poster prize on his work A compact and calibratable von-Hamos X-Ray Spectrometer based on full-cylindrical HAPG mosaic crystals.


As the feedback to this first EXSA event of that kind has been very positive, a continuation is being considered.



M. Kolbe, 7.1, E-Mail: Opens window for sending emailMichael.Kolbe(at)ptb.de