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Helmut Fischer Poster Prize


Matthias Müller, a research assistant with Working Group 7.24 "X-ray and IR Spectrometry", and Claudia Zech, a doctoral candidate in the same working group, were awarded the Helmut Fischer Foundation's Poster Prize for their poster "X-ray absorption fine structure of sulfur in a Li-S battery cathode measured under protective atmosphere" at the PRORA 2015 Congress. This poster presents results obtained within the scope of the project "Lithium-sulfur high-energy batteries with reversible sulfur cathodes that are interspersed within the matrix" which was part of the priority program SPP 1473 WeNDeLIB. The current DFG joint research project "In-situ spectroscopic investigations of high-energy Li-S batteries based on new carbon cathodes" is based on the latter.


B. Beckhoff, 7.24, e-mail: Opens window for sending emailBurkhard.Beckhoff(at)ptb.de