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X-ray laser experiments at FLASH by PTB


At the soft x-ray Free-electron LASer in Hamburg FLASH, for the first time, a so-called Two-photon Above-Threshold (ATI) ionization process in an inner electron shell was detected. The corresponding electron spectroscopy results are discussed in a recent issue of Physical Review Letter and relate to former results of ion spectroscopy on Xe atoms performed at ultrahigh irradiance in the extreme-ultraviolet (EUV).

The present experiments were performed within the framework of an international cooperation of PTB’s department Opens internal link in current windowRadiometry with Synchrotron Radiation and the development of photon diagnostic tools for x-ray lasers that are based on gas-phase photoionization.


M. Richter, 7.1, E-Mail: Mathias.Richter(at)ptb.de